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Humbly Priced.

Maxi Standard Mini Micro
Agencies, retailers, large employers, schools... Startups, groups, associations, power users... Sole proprietorships, individuals, freelancers, families...
Unlimited addresses
Unlimited domains Up to 5 domains (soft limit)
All features offered Limited features
$99 / month $9 / month Not available monthly.
or  $990 / year or  $90 / year $19 / year
10.000 in/day 1000 in/day 200 in/day
2000 out/day 100 out/day 20 out/day
500 GB 30 GB 5 GB
Priority support 24x7 Office hours support Best effort support
Try for Free No credit card required.

Are the prices and limits per mailbox or account?

The plan prices are flat, per Migadu account. An account may have unlimited mailboxes and addresses. Forget now the idea of paying per mailbox. Additional email addresses do not incur additional costs. The limits are therefore per account and not per mailbox.

We are metering account usage across all active domains and mailboxes on the account, which get counted together towards the plan quotas.

Why have you raised your prices?

Following the virus outbreak of 2020, we had to rebuild our infrastructure urgently in order to support the sudden change in email usage pattern. We made a significant investment in capacity and reliability of Migadu. We have further invested into a new open source webmail, new team members and their training.

These improvements come at a cost but the benefits are passed on to the users as a higher quality service. Migadu today is a new service compared to that one you may have known before.

Where is the catch?

There is no one. We price per actual usage need, not your address space slice. Once you realize the freedom of owning your full address space, you will never look back.

May I host third party domains on my account?

Many of our users are agencies hosting their clients’ email domains under a single roof. You can have as many domains as you want, and you can group them, monitor, dedicate user accounts etc.

We are not concerned with the number of domains on your accounts as long as your usage stays within your plan’s quotas.

What kind of support do you provide?

We offer email and ticketing support. No phone or chat support offered at this time.

We can help setting up your domains, modifying your DNS as well email clients support. In some cases we will do the DNS setup completely for you if requested.

What happened to the free plan?

We used to offer a free plan for more than 5 years. However, the amount of users we served has significantly grown since. We’re not in Kansas anymore. To ensure a quality service for everyone, we now ask a minimal contribution.

We have added a new plan, Micro, that is accessible to users in even most undeveloped countries. This plan replaces the free plan.

There is nothing free on the Internet. At the end of the day, someone gets the bill. We do not make our living by digging or selling your data, but rather guarding it. If that is of no value to you, we’re not such a good match.

What are the features of the Micro plan?

The Micro plan is intended for basic email usage and excludes or limits some features available on all higher plans, but still remains feature packed. Most notably:

The list is not conclusive and may become shorter or longer in the future.

What is the soft limit on the Micro plan?

There is no enforced restriction of domains on the Micro plan. No one will care if you have 10, as long as the limit is not pushed too hard. This limit is in place to prevent abuse, rather than annoy users.

Where is the Micro monthly plan?

The monthly fee for the Micro plan would be too small that we would have to give up a significant percentage to the payment processing companies. We are passing on these savings instead directly to you in the yearly plan.

All yearly plans bring a saving of at least one month compared to the monthly plans.

I don’t like giving you my credit card!

You are not. All processing is done via either or Your credit card never enters our system. We only get to know a fraction of your credit card information and use it only for informational purposes in your account.

Can I pay with PayPal?

We do not offer subscriptions via PayPal. However, you can prepay your account using PayPal. Please visit the section Account Balances under Billing where you can make a prepayment.

After topping up your balance, you can choose any plan you want, monthly or yearly.

Can I pay with BitCoin et al?

We do not offer on-site payments with BitCoins. However, if this is your preferred payment method, you can reach out to support and we will give you our wallet address. Any paid amount will be transfered to your account balance in USD which you can then use towards our paid plans.

What is your refund policy?

If you want a refund within 14 days, we will refund you 100% of your payment. In case you have used our services extensively, we may deduct a prorated cost for the used period.

You can find out more details in our terms of service.

Can I change plan mid-subscription?

You can upgrade or downgrade anytime. We will automatically prorate the unused portion to your account balance from where it can be used towards other plans.

I need more capacity than the Maxi Plan.

Please get in touch, we can provide with custom plans.

What after reaching limits?

When reaching incoming messages limits, we will warn you and allow for some tolerance of up to 25% over the plan limit. If even the higher tolerance level gets reached, we will start deferring messages until either the following day or the plan is upgraded.

Deferring messages means the sender’s messages will be temporarily rejected. According to email standards, the sender’s email system will be retried for some period, most often up to 48 hours.

If no action is taken and plan continues to be over limits day by day, the incoming message will bounce back to the senders.

When reaching outgoing messages limits, we will warn you and allow for some tolerance of up to 25% over the plan limit. After the tolerance we will start rejecting outgoing messages. Every attempt to send is counted. At the same time, an alert will go off on our end and someone will analyze your sending pattern.

We are further optimizing the limits calculation so they remain unnoticeable by users. In most cases, the limits are rarely reached if reasonable plan is applied.

When crossing storage limits significantly we will ask you to upgrade your plan or reduce storage amount. There are no hard storage quotas and mails will never bounce back because of full storage.

Do you offer discounts to non-profits?

We offer non-profits a significant discount on our prices. Reach out to us for more information.

Do you offer student discounts?

We offer students a significant discount on our prices. A valid student id is required. Reach out to us for more information.

I have other questions…

Please get in touch, we are quite responsive.