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Plus Addressing

Updated Tuesday, October 27, 2020


Gmail popularized plus addressing which is a simple rule that ignores everything after a plus sign in the local part of an email address.

For example, messages sent to land into

This behavior is built into Migadu and no additional configuration is required for it. In addition, we will auto-create a folder with the label given after the plus sign (e.g. shopping) and sort the respective message there.

For an alternative to plus addressing, take a look at subdomain addressing.

Skipping Folder Auto-Creation

Creating folders may not be the behavior you expected. To just sort the message in Inbox, please create a Pattern Rewrite on the domain of your mailbox. For example, to prevent automatic folder creation and sorting for, we would create the pattern rewrite rule below.

john+* =>

Such rewrite will drop the plus addressing for that mailbox and sort the message into Inbox.