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Personalize Your Spam Filter

As you need.

Not every email address is the same.

Some emails receive a significant amount of spam, while others don't. Often the first ones are publicly exposed while the latter are kept private. As such, the spam filter requirements are very different between the two.

With Migadu, all spam filters are set to a sane default. However, depending on your needs and situation, our filters can be customized. We offer spam filter configuration on the domain level as well mailbox level. Domain level configuration becomes default for all its mailboxes, unless overriden by a mailbox configuration.

The spam filter levels we offer in either case are:

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • Aggressive
  • Paranoid

The high level is the default and recommended one. Aggressive and paranoid can send more good messages to the junk while medium and low can send more spam to the inbox. The right setting really depends on the amount and kind of spam that one receives. There is no silver bullet for spam just yet.

Btw. while changing the spam filter levels, you might have noticed the presence of an Action option. While we are all used to seeing the spam go to a junk folder, in POP3 client configurations that is impossible. POP3 does not have support for folders. If you by some weird requirement must use POP3, our spam filter can help out and add SPAM in the subject of messages that would have otherwise gone to a junk folder.