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You Prefer POP Instead Of IMAP?

Forget folders.

The POP protocol is the granddaddy of email protocols. Compared to how most of us use email today, it could just as well be considered obsolete.

However, we are aware old habits die hard. We offer POP access in parallel to IMAP, but there are some things you should know.

POP by itself has no support for folders and their synchronization. With POP, folders seen on an email client do not reflect those on our servers. This can cause issues with spam filtering. By default, Migadu filters spam into a Junk folder, visible via IMAP. Since you will not be able to access the Junk folder via POP, you might want to change your spam filter configuration.

On your mailbox (or entire domain), in the spam filter configuration, you can change the spam filter action to modify the subject of the spam messages by adding a "{SPAM}" prefix to it. This way also with POP you will be able to use the Migadu spam filtering.