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Default Mailbox Configuration

Simple setup.

If you ever need to know the right configuration for your mailboxes and for some reason you can't or don't want to access the instructions given within the administration panel, they are also here.

Incoming Mail / IMAP

IMAP is the most commonly used protocol for receiving mail. Instead of downloading messages, it syncs the email clients with the server. So all emails are stored centrally on the email server. This makes it optimal when accesing the mailbox using multiple devices. When in doubt, choose IMAP.

IMAP ServerPortConnection Security

Outgoing Mail (SMTP)

SMTP takes care of delivering outgoing messages. Note the STARTTLS value for connection security instead of SSL/TLS.

SMTP ServerPortConnection Security

Incoming Mail / POP3

POP3 is the old-fashioned protocol for receiving messages by simulating physical mail. Once downloaded by the email client, messages are typically deleted from the remote server. POP3 by design has no support for folders or mail syncing. If using only one device to access the mailbox, POP3 could be a good choice. Otherwise, we recommend using IMAP (above).

Note that the POP3 is served via the same server as IMAP but through a different port.

POP3 ServerPortConnection Security