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Invent New Addresses On The Fly With Catchalls

Be wise.

If you like the Gmail "plus" aliases, you are in for a surprise with Migadu. Not only can you setup those, but you can define your own precise rules using our catchalls.

Most people think of a catchall as an address that takes messages that are not properly addressed. That is of not much use unless you want to go into conversations with spammers. In Migadu, a catchall is a named rule that captures traffic that matches a regular expression pattern of domain's recipients' addresses.

To define a catchall rule in the Migadu admin, find the option Catch-alls under your domain. Start with the following simple rule to get a feeling of it.

The GMail Plus

The GMail "+" alias allows you to add a suffix to your email address for the purpose of tagging. For example, while shopping at shop1 you can give an address myname+shop1@yourdomain instead of giving the real address. This allows you to track the source of abused email addresses in the future. It also makes blacklisting of only those, specific addresses easy with the Migadu spam blacklists.

Give the catchall a tag name of e.g. gmail_plus and use the following regex pattern:

  • myname\+ @yourdomain

As a sample address enter some tagged address such as me+shopping to test the regex pattern.

Finally, add all the destinations you want to receive the message that matches the pattern. Typically this will only be your address without the tag.