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Use Whitelists And Blacklists For Strict Rules

Spam filter, obey!

Spam filters are not perfect. Occasionally they might place a very important message into your junk folder. On another occasion, that never-dying, annoying newsletter will come again into your inbox. For such cases, we allow for rules which override any spam filter decision.

Those rules are definied via whitelists and blacklists and can be found in your Migadu admin under the Spam Filtering option of your mailboxes.

Whitelists are essentially approved senders. Their messages will never end up in the Junk regardless of what kind of message they send. When adding addresses to the whitelist, you must keep in mind that spammers often forge addresses. By placing an email on a whitelist, our spam filter checks are circumvented. Common sense helps here.

Blacklists are the opposite - denied senders who you don't want to hear from ever again. Add your (not)favorite newsletter sender here.