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Is An Apps Bundle Really Worth The Price?

Probably not.

Since a decade ago, email started getting packaged along with other products. Web-hosting, office applications, domain registrations, Internet providers and even some posts started offering it with their primary services.

Whenever someone bundles something as complicated as email with other products, it is a call for trouble. Doing just email well is already an incredibly hard task. We have yet to see a bundle from a company whose primary business is not email that includes email which is worthy of the price tag itself. Most of the time, the inclusion of email is only a business move that ensures a tighter lock-in of clients.

We dislike such practices as they play with our freedoms.

When we ask people why they choose app bundles, they often cite sharing, as if the providers behind invented shared storages. Humorously, this is also their least used feature. Email on the other hand is essential for them. App bundles are nothing but repackaged email.

There are too many "cloud" storages to choose from nowadays. If you are a small or medium company, you can even consider setting a shared storage within your company. It is amazingly simple and almost all storage devices come with a built-in support for such use cases.

Office applications also come in all forms and prices. Online or offline, free, open source or paid, the choice is there. Why give up your data and tie yourself to a single provider? Once with a provider, moving away an entier organization is an amazingly difficult and stressful task for everyone.

Collaborating on a document in real time is an often touted important feature, but we are also not sold on it. Such rare, occasional comfort in our opinion does not justify a continously high price, especially considered there are many free services online for just that.

Of course we cannot generalize tastes and preferences, but it seems these app bundles are just a way of including extra "cloud" software with email, not the other way around. In our opinion, that extra "cloud" software is very limited and rarely more practical than just sending a document via email. Email is the mother of all sharing.

Before giving up your freedoms and overpaying for email, consider if you really need the extras. We have seen cases of users who by switching away from app bundles to just email with Migadu saved literally tens of thousands of dollars a year. Seen from the perspective of savings, that is a good amount. Seen as an overpayment for unneccessary clutter, that is an absurd amount of money going to waste.