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Setup Aliases For Delegating Messages

Automate forwarding.

Aliases are a less known feature of email. For some of us it is also one of the major reasons to leave free email service providers. An alias will automatically forward an email sent to its address to specified destinations. Consider the examples below for some useful ideas.

Shared Notifications

If you are working in a team and need some notifications automatically dispatched to all members, alias comes to rescue. You can setup e.g. bills@yourdomain or contact@yourdomain and ensure emails sent to these addresses will be received by all your team members.

Address Misspelings

Some of us have names which are easy to mistype. Some of us on the other hand give out wrong email addresses to people of e.g name only instead of first name and last name and realize it only later. Instead of bouncing such messages, we can easily setup aliases and get those messages into the right mailbox.

Dot Separator

Some people simply ignore the dot in email addresses. With an alias in place for the other version, why they do so matters not.

Public Signups

Spam is super annoying. Bouncing email addresses is one of the better, less used features of email. Instead of giving your right email address when signing up for some unconvincing online service, create yourself an alias with a randomized name, e.g. adfar4fadf2@yourdomain that forwards to your actual mailbox.

Whenever you do not want to hear from the sender again, just remove the alias and their messages will bounce back. This gives you much more control compared to the throw-away mailboxes.