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It's Not For Everyone.

Find out if it is for you.

Most services we know (not just email) never really care about your problems or tasks at hand. They do not listen, but only pitch their products as the solution to everything. And their products are naturally without drawbacks. That lack of conversation bothers us.

Migadu is different.

Your needs are of our greatest concern. We are über-happy if our email service fits perfectly. However, that cannot always be the case. When Migadu doesn't fit, we will help you figuring out what does, no strings attached. We're honoured you've stopped by.

Why so? Your unaddressed needs give us insights for improvements out of which all our customers benefit. The least we can do is help you out solve your problem. Common sense, isn't it?

We are obviously not the only email provider in the world. There's Google Apps, Fastmail, Zoho, atmail and many others. All differ in appearance, service level, price and quality. One can go mad comparing.

We would like to help out by simply comparing ourselves for you, with our own pros and cons.

First of all, we are probably not the best email service out there, though we try hard to be. However, we've been repeatedly told we are the one made for humans. That's good enough for us.

Below are the facts we think you might want to consider when deciding whether Migadu is for you or not. The list is always up-to-date. We work hard to make it shorter.

Lastly, never hesitate to shout at us, we really want to hear from you. We appreciate good criticism the most. Flattery is usually reserved for our loving moms.

The last update was on the 18th of September, 2016.

Potential Drawbacks

You Will Need a Domain Name

Migadu offers email hosting for your own domains, so obviously - you'll need a domain name. They are quite cheap nowadays and start from only few dollars a year. We can recommend EuroDNS and gandi.net.

We do not directly offer email on our own domains. If you really want one, get in touch. We can open one for you at @migadu.ch but that's probably not what you are after, right?

If you do not want to deal with domain registrars and their setup, we can include a domain name with all our yearly plans. We will register it in your name and set it up to work with Migadu. Contact us to find out more.

There Are Daily Sending Limits

Our daily limits confuse many. Why do we limit plans by the amount of outgoing mail? Why do we do count cumulatively on the account level rather than for each mailbox?

It's quite simple. The amount of outgoing emails tells us the approximate, effective impact of your organization on our infrastructure, including storage requirements. A family of three is very different than an organization with hundreds of employees. The first might deal with only a dozen of emails a day, while the latter with thousands.

However, the limits are not meant to scare you. Now, if you drive a diesel car you wouldn't put petrol in it, right? It's the same with Migadu limits. You choose your own limits by identifying or assuming your requirements. All plans include all features and the exact same level of our attention and support.

What happens when the limits are reached? We understand very well that an exceptionally busy day may occur from time to time. If reached, we will let you know. We will tolerate additional 50% over the limit before verifying and/or getting in touch. If the limits are broken too often, we will just kindly ask you to upgrade. Simple as that.

The other, more important reason for the sending limits is to prevent and protect ourselves as well as you against abuse. The limits prevent bulk email deliveries which can hurt not only our servers' reputation but also that of our customers' domains. As an example, consider a computer virus which sends out spam. Without our sending limits in place, the virus could do serious damage to the organization's email reputation as well Migadu.

We are not the only one using limits. All email services set sending limits, just rarely talk about them openly. For example, Gmail's daily limit is ~150 emails a day when used via remote email clients and ~500 when used via the web interface.

With all that in mind, consider our Maxi plan if you want to forget all limits. The Maxi plan is practically unlimited. The internal threshold of ~1500 messages a day only triggers temporary abuse verification. To put that in perspective, that is a total of ~50.000 outgoing emails a month for your organization. It is a lot more than you'll ever need, even with hundreds of employees.

No Calendars, Yet

Migadu is super focused on email at the moment. That means no calendars, no docs, no spreadsheets, no bells and whistles. Just pure email love.

We believe in doing one thing right rather than many poorly. However, that does not mean we will not add calendars in the near future. It is simply not our highest priority at the moment, as we're still busy getting email absolutely right.

If you must have calendars right now, please consider Google Apps, Fastmail, Zoho or atmail. From those, we believe Zoho is free of charge for up to several accounts, but Fastmail is probably the most professional one.

If you are still interested in Migadu but think we should add calendars ASAP, please tell us so, and we'll kick ourselves in the butt to add it sooner.

No Bulk Email Sending

Migadu is not a newsletter service. We're rather email service for humans. With our daily sending limits, it also isn't very cost effective to send out newsletters. With all the noise and spam out there, we can't say we are pleased with the ever-growing list of newsletter providers.

Nevertheless, if newsletter delivery is what you are after, please consider a dedicated newsletter service provider such as MailChimp, Mad Mimi and maybe SendGrid. If you don't mind getting some tech dirt on your hands, you could also setup your own sending service using Sendy software and Amazon SES.

We Don't Offer SLAs

Migadu is not a service for enterprises, and our pricing is down to earth for carbon based bipeds.

Service Level Agreements are sexy words for big companies. Even though there are some valid cases where they make sense, most often they are nothing more than excuses for hefty prices. In our humble opinion, the email protocols are very forgiving and resilient that make SLAs obsolete.

We promise to deliver the best service we are capable of delivering, and to continuously get better at it. We understand that may not be enough for some. In such cases we recommend Google Apps and Rackspace.

There Will Be Hiccups

We continuously work on Migadu. We invent features, optimize, change, upgrade and downgrade. It's what our customers expect from us.

Occasionally, we might mess up and introduce a bug. Even though we have redundant services in place (fail-overs), they might all go down due to an unpredictable act of God. If such cases develop, you can be sure we will be working until the problem is resolved.

According to our trials, it would take us up to 30 minutes to setup a completely new infrastructure and get all clients back live. To be on the safe side, we count on two hours.

But what does such worst case scenario mean for you and your organization? Usually not much. If all our services stop temporarily, your incoming emails might be delayed until we are back online. At the same time, you will probably not be able to send out messages. However, it is important to note that no messages would ever get lost by our downtime.

Email might be considered old and boring, but we've found it to be very hard to kill.

Some Spam Will Go Through

No spam filters are perfect, anywhere. If you expect never to receive any spam in your inbox, you'd might want to just give up email right away and start writing letters by hand.

We continuously improve our spam defenses and teach our filters latest tricks daily. However, email spam is similar to computer viruses. Just as virus authors, spammers continuously search new loopholes to get to your mailbox. Sometimes it might take us a bit of time to catch-up. We're not Google, but rather your friendly neighbor.

You can always help us improve our defenses by letting us know when you receive more spam than you would expect.

Your Message Might Land in Junk

We do everything possible to ensure your messages are not marked as spam: our server IP addresses are clean and have never been blacklisted; we absolutely require DKIM and SPF on all our domains; we throttle outgoing emails and cooperate with other providers; we virus check all messages.

The ReturnPath's SenderScore gives us 99/100 points which is crazy high for a provider of our volume. Nevertheless, we've seen some messages sent to the recipient's Junk folder for absolutely no good reasons. It is interesting that such cases are more common with the largest providers out there. While these big provider hang on to a thin thread against antitrust laws, their customers are the ones that feel damaged and unsatisfied.

Long story short, whether your email gets marked as spam only partially depends on us. Your domain's history, its reputation with the receiver's servers, their spam configuration, your emails' content, recipients spam settings, recipients complaints etc. The list can get quite long and varies from provider to provider.

The only thing more annoying than witty email providers is the spam itself.

Administration is (Still) Not Mobile-Friendly

Migadu email management is not optimized for usage on portable devices. It can be used, though not very pleasurably. We've considered a mobile version multiple times but that always sounded like trying to squeeze a hippo into a matchbox. It won't fit, and surely it won't be comfy.

We've never prioritized small devices because the use case sounded silly and improbable, regardless of the latest wave of app-ing everything. While walking around, we really do not want you to worry about email administration. We are your private email administrators so just get in touch regarding any matter, urgent or not, and we'll handle it for you. Otherwise, forget email administration when you are on the run, we've got it covered.

If you have a strong case though, where portable Migadu might be a lifesaver, please tell us and we will reconsider the whole topic again.

Built-In Webmail is Minimalistic

Migadu includes a very simple webmail. While it works well and easily handles all email tasks with considerable speed, it probably is not up to par to the ones of Gmail and FastMail. It is not only that we are a smaller team than their reception desk, but our whole email philosophy differs. We believe email is the greatest thing ever after the Swiss cheese.

That said, we are actively working on a better webmail. More information to follow.

We Are Not The Cheapest

Even though our pricing is super attractive, there are cheaper alternatives out there. There always will be. If all you need is one or two email addresses on your domain, you might want to check first with your domain registrar. Most registrars give out a few email addresses for free. We personally dislike that because it reminds of an auto-mechanic that is also a dentist.

If all you'll ever need is one address on your domain, Google Apps might work better for you at a similar price as our Mini plan.

Finally, if your highest concern is price, and our free unlimited trial isn't for you, maybe you should just try running your own email server. DigitalOcean has a good writeup on issues you'll need to overcome, as well detailed instructions on how to do it. You can always ping us for an advice though.

We Are in Switzerland, CEST Time

We'll occasionally have a Swiss beer and fall asleep at work. That might cause a few hours of delay in our responses. Rest assured we'll get back to you as soon as we're sober.

Jokes aside, we serve clients worldwide with highest responsibility. Sometimes it might take us a few hours to respond because we are at sleep. However, we have setup state of art monitoring systems that will wake us up easily in case of any urgency.