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Let's Talk Benefits

Way too many good reasons.

Migadu was built to manage multiple email domains with great simplicity and most reasonable pricing. It solved some of our own problems when we were juggling multiple Google Apps accounts at an unjustifiable cost. We hope it does even more for you.

Below are some of the most important advantages we think you'd be interested in. The list gets continuously longer.

The last update was on the 16th of September, 2016.

Your Advantages

Use All Your Domains

Got a new project coming up? New idea? New startup? New family domain? Add your new domain in two clicks. No extra costs involved, ever.

Have a Zillion Email Addresses

Email addresses are just mappings. We never understood or agreed with the per-mailbox pricing offered by other email providers. For goodness sake, have all the addresses you need at no additional cost. Get creative. Give your pet an email address if you wish. It's your domain and addresses on it are absolutely yours.

Automatically Forward Messages With Aliases

Aliases allow you to create "virtual" addresses that automatically forward messages sent to them to destinations of your choice. Best of all, they can co-exist with mailboxes of same address.

We have seen aliases being used for receipts, newsletters, team notifications, delegations to Gmail and more.

What will be your use case?

Invent Addresses On The Fly With Regex Catch-alls

A catch-all captures messages for which no recipients exist. That is boring and inflexible.

Migadu catch-alls are more powerful instead. You can define multiple catch-alls using regular expressions and all messages sent to your domain will be automatically matched against them. When a match is found, it will be forwarded to the catch-all destinations.

Messages that do not match any of your mailboxes, aliases or catchalls addresses are denied. In our experience, such messages are almost always hard core spam.

Never Worry About Storage Again

"Your mailbox is full." - the silliest message of the 21st century.

This is an email service. There must be always sufficient space for email. We don't think in Megabytes or Gigabytes but in the value emails represent to our clients. Let's part with the old ways for the better: all our paid plans have no storage limits.

Storage is not your problem, it is ours. We trust you will not abuse it.

Save Time With Simplified Administration

We work hard so you don't have to (at least not with email). The Migadu administration interface has been built from the ground up for ease of use, fast overview and understanding. Maybe we are overthinking, but email is supposed to be easy.

Backups and More Backups

Ever got your mail(s) deleted by accident? We continuously backup your emails so you don't have to. Copies of your mails will be kept on our server one day after deletion. If you ever mess up and delete an important message, we can help. We've all been there.

No Lock-in

We use standard emails protocols and do not seek clever obstacles to prevent you from leaving. The only way we will try to keep you is by serving you better.

If you are ever unhappy with Migadu, we will gladly consult you about alternatives and help you move away to any service that fits your needs better. Anytime and every time. We are grateful for the trust you place in us while using Migadu.

No Advertisements and No Email Mining

With thousands of advertisements we see each day, we'd rather not add to the noise. We actively try to reduce it. Migadu is not an advertising company (like Google). We're an email hosting company and we will always stay just it. With Migadu, you are not the product. We are.

You might have noticed that our free unlimited trial account appends a discreet Migadu signature at the bottom of outgoing emails. Yes, it is a form of advertising. However, we believe you'll agree it's a fair compensation for a free service. There is no free lunch, for neither of us. Running a good email service is costly. The paid accounts obviously do not include our signature.

Highest Regard for Privacy

Email protocols are unfortunately not built with privacy in mind. We are still debating whether that is a good or bad thing.

Nevertheless, we do everything possible an email provider can do to ensure your peace of mind. Email transfers use encryption certificates of highest strength, and our employees have a very limited, monitored access to email storages.

The email storage is obviously unencrypted, and there is not much we can do about it. We cannot prevent others from sending you unencrypted emails. That is just the nature of email and its underlying protocols. Tools such as Gnu Privacy Guard can help you send and receive encrypted mails, but they cannot do much regarding unencrypted mails sent to you.

If you are engaged in activities of dubious legality, espionage or simply are timid of Uncle Sam, please consider our neighbours ProtonMail.

Lastly, we host our own business and private emails on the same storage. We're all in the same boat. We'll never treat you anyhow different than we'd like ourselves treated. Fair enough?

DKIM and SPF Are Required Service-Wide

DKIM and SPF are anti-spam measures. They are not bulletproof or most effective but are still better than having no measures.

We require both measures on all Migadu-hosted domains. Together, they ensure higher sender reputation of your hosted email domains as well our own infrastructure. It might not be obvious at first sight, but all our hosted domains benefit out of such strict service-wide policy, and so will your domains too.

Custom Spam Filters

Not every address is the same, so why should spam settings be standardized? Some addresses simply tend to receive more spam than the others. With Migadu you can customize the filters on the domain or mailbox level according to your needs.

Spam Whitelists and Blacklists

You probably know by now that spam filters are far from perfect. Being based on statistical analysis, false positives and negatives are not only possible but probable.

Sometimes you absolutely do not want to miss a mail from somebody. It might be your colleagues, wife etc. That is what whitelists are for. Migadu whitelists ensure listed senders never end up in the junk.

Opposite of the whitelists are blacklists. If someone simply won't stop sending you emails, you can blacklist them. Migadu blacklists will automatically deny listed senders or place their email in the junk.

Built-In Virus Protection

All email traffic is passed through an always up-to-date virus scanner. It protects you and your recipients from spreading viruses. Simply, one thing less to think about.

Get Online Fast With Our Built-In DNS

To setup email hosting, you'll inevitably need to modify your domain's DNS records. If you have just basic needs of email and web, you are welcome to use the Migadu DNS. It is free of charge on all our plans.

It is a very limited DNS and does not allow custom records, but it will automatically setup those required for Migadu email hosting. It will also allow you to point the root domain and www subdomain to a web hosting address.

Internally, we use the Migadu Simple DNS ourselves when we need to setup online presence fast. Our customers use it to get up and running without a lot of fuss. It is an excellent choice for setting up email on static websites - personal, blogs, families etc.

If you ever need a more powerful DNS, we can't possibly recommend DNSimple enough.

Use Any Email Client or Our Webmail

Your emails can be accessed via any email client such as Thunderbird, Apple Mail and Outlook Express. We support all standard email protocols (IMAP, POP3, SMTP).

If you ever need a web access, you can use our simple webmail. It is is under continuous development, so expect it to get better with use.

Outstanding Care and Concierge Service

We do not like the word "support."" It became dirty with awful service. We do not offer that "support."" We offer understanding, consulting and caring.

Your domains are continuously monitored. If we notice anything suspicious, we'll let you know where, why and eventually how to mitigate. If we see you are having troubles, we'll jump in proactively. The plan you are on really does not matter.

Behind Migadu stands a small bootstrapped Swiss company with great ambitions for the world. Thanks to great initial customers, the company has been profitable shortly after its founding. We carry a great responsibility and can't afford to offer a bad service or not care.

We have not taken any outside capital nor plan to ever do. That keeps our focus only on providing best service possible. Our responsibility and loyalty is solely reserved for you.

We do not seek to make the cover pages of magazines. You belong there instead.

Sounds like nonsense? Sign up already, get your own email administrators and find out.

No Questions Asked, 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you sign up for some of our paid plans and are not satisfied within the first 30 days, we will refund 100% of your payment with the account termination. The only questions we'll ask is where we messed up and how we can do better.