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Affiliate Program

Probably the fairest one ever.

Thank you for your interest in the Migadu affiliate program. We did our best to conceptualize a program which will be worthy of your time and efforts.

First of all, notice that Migadu does not advertise. You won't see annoying banners around the web about us. Our growth has been rather organic, through word of mouth. That is the real reason why our prices are so low (and realistic). When you recommend us to someone and they sign up for any of our paid plans, you've done a lot and we appreciate that. What we would otherwise spend in advertising, we instead take and give back to our customers (in service) and affiliates. It just seems common sense to us.

Migadu affiliate program is an amazing opportunity for an additional, recurring income for yourself or your business, no matter where you are located and which language you speak. We will do our best to support you.

Most of the time, our customers and affiliates are the same persons, but it is absolutely not required to be a Migadu user to participate in our affiliate program. As a matter of fact, there is not even a signup form for the affiliate program (more below). We constantly keep trying making things simpler.

The Rules

You Get 50%; Do What You Think Is Best

If you act as a salesman, you ought to be treated the same. Sales are nothing without a product and product is nothing without sales. We strongly believe the fairest model is that of a 50-50 split between our affiliate partners and us. We've been repeatedly told we're insane, but that doesn't change our mind. With the Migadu affiliate program, for every customer that signs up for a paid plan on Migadu, you will be compensated up to 30% of everything they pay us.

Now, those 30% are given to you as master salesman, to dispose responsibly as you see fit. If you were to offer someone a 30% discount via a discount code (more about that later), you wouldn't be credited anything. You are giving away your earnings that way. Noble of you, but that's probably not why you're reading this.

You could instead write a nice article about how to use Migadu, some tips and tricks and then offer your readers a discount code for 25% off forever. If they were to sign up for the paid plan, you would be compensated the remaining 5% of everything they pay during their subscription. Both of you profit substantially.

On the other hand, the most profitable case for yourself would be if you simply wrote about Migadu and recommended it either via your own website or your social network without using any discount codes. It's also simplest for both of us, and yet you would get full 30% of everything customers pay during their subscription.

Earnings From Signed-up Customers Are Practically Forever

Once you signup a user for a paid Migadu account, you will be compensated your share for as long as they remain paid customer. Since Migadu is a subscription business, that means you will be attributed a share of every payment they ever make.

Our only requirement is that your efforts remain continuous too. If you cease placing efforts in this partnership for a substantial amount of time (no new signups in 4 months), we'll finalize our compensations for all paid customers subscribed to date. The total amount paid out by that time is to be considered the total and final affiliate compensation for the past customers. If you start signing up new customers again, we'd start anew and count those new ones only.

We set this unorthodox scheme with hopes to keep up the incentives high and award rightly, cumulatively those affiliates that persist in their efforts. That said, the efforts required for maintaining the Migadu affiliate program are realistically minimal. If things start looking too calm for a while, we'll get in touch early.

It is worth mentioning that email hosting is not something customers change often. Our customers have so far been very satisfied and the churn rate on the paid accounts virtually non-existing. When customers signup for Migadu, you can consider it will be for the long term. We're the ones that will ensure customer satisfaction.

Compensations On New Accounts Already After 45 Days

Once the customer you've signed up makes a payment, we offer a 30 days no-questions-asked refund. If the customer is unsatisfied or simply finds that Migadu isn't a good fit for them, we give them a refund and we part ways. It has yet to happen, but we prefer having users with us that are very happy and ready to stay for the long term. We think you'll find out that works best for you too.

If a customer decides to terminate an account, we prorate the charges per minute and refund the remaining amount. Therefore a customer always has a 30 day window from any payment to ask for a partial refund.

It also happens sometime that a "wise" guy uses a stolen credit card and attempts to use Migadu to send out spam. Since we verify all accounts manually, we are quick to block such accounts and report those payments. We also keep very low quotas on unverified accounts. Spammers will find this to be very unprofitable business for them.

All this means that we've got to wait for some time before we attribute you your share. We've settled for 45 days. We wish we could do this instantly, but the rest of the world isn't compatible with that idea.

Low Minimum And Very Flexible Payout

To receive your affiliate compensation, you just need to reach the minimum level of USD $25. That means that with even only a few referred customers, you'll be receiving your payouts in no time.

We typically send the money via wire transfer but we will work with you to accommodate your specific needs. All transfer costs, if any, are borne by the receiving party (you) and will be deducted from the final payout.

No Need To Glorify Us, Criticism Is Also Good

We do not ask that you write all the best about us. You can keep your integrity and say whatever you wish to say as long as it is not misleading, deceiving or malicious. For example, guides, reviews, criticism, suggestions, concerns, tips and tricks are all welcome. It's the objective discussion that we value.

Simple Setup Via Referral Parameter

To sign up and setup Migadu affiliate program, you don't need to do much. There are no forms to fulfill. All you need to do is send us a a very short intro email to with basic info on who you are and what your intentions are - e.g. site, country. Maybe you could also include some info on how we can help you make this a successful program for both of us. If we are to partner we ought to get personal and establish trust first.

We will then issue you a unique referral code which you can include when linking to our website. If you want this code to be something special, feel free to suggest it in your intro email. Once we've agreed about the code use it as an added "src" GET parameter to the url as "https://migadu.com?src=CODE". That's it! Use this link whenever you want to write about Migadu, and we'll attribute you correctly.

The referral code is registered at signup time and kept forever on the user's account. This means that no matter when the user upgrades own account to paid, you will be attributed correctly. Some users upgrade immediately while others upgrade after a while.

Now, of course you don't want to ride blind into this affiliate program. You for sure will want to know when people register with your source, when they upgrade, your earnings etc. Well, you might have already noticed we love email, so guess what? Whenever someone registers with your referral code, you will get an email of the new state of your affiliation with all the relevant information included in it. That simple.

Word Of Mouth Referral? We'll Attribute You.

Sometimes you might tell a friend about us and he might end up signing up. If you tell us about it, we'll jump in and reward you both. It might not be as amazing as 30%, but we'll make sure you are both better off than before.

Request Discount Codes If You Need Them

As described above, we insanely offer you 30% of everything paid in by customers as an affiliate compensation. If you wish to give discounts to attract users, it would be deducted from that compensation.

Discounts are delivered via discount codes which users can apply once they sign up for the Migadu paid service. The discounts we typically offer are permanent and percentage based, up to 30%. If you however wish to use a different discount model for your users, we can assist you.

To request a discount code, you should already be an affiliate partner or planning to be. Then simply tell us if you wish to have a specific code and for how many percents and we'll make it happen. From that moment on, we will attribute all new subscriptions that apply your discount code within one month to you.

Proper Use of Discount Codes

Discount codes may not be used for personal benefit. We entrust them to you as a gift for your audience. Being an affiliate does not allow you to use them for own account.

Discount codes must be a side information, not the information itself. You may not publicise the discount itself only, but you are welcome to write a review of Migadu and include a discount code. In either way, if you are given a discount code for your affiliate purposes, you are forbidden to broadcast it over social media, coupon networks and sites. When we issue you a discount code, we trust it is for your closed audience.

Violations will nullify any affiliate payout. We take this seriously as it is brand damaging.

No Compensation For Free Trial Accounts

When a user signs up for a an account on Migadu, by default it is on the free trial account. If the user never upgraded to a paid plan, you will never be compensated. It is simple - if we don't earn neither do you.

Yearly Plans Are Compensated Monthly

When choosing their plan, Migadu customers can opt in for a yearly plan. Since customers may terminate their account at any time and receive a refund for the unused time, we cannot attribute the full yearly amount. Therefore we attribute month to month of the applicable monthly share of the yearly plan.

No Compensations For Refunds & Fraud

This is rather self explanatory. It's bad for business, bad for us, bad for you. Let's avoid them at all cost.

Abuse Will Be Sanctioned

We strive to be trustful. Please do not search ways to go around and abuse our good will. If we detect manipulations and attempts, you are entering bad waters and risking all previous efforts. Just don't do it.

You are forbidden to misrepresent Migadu, misuse the Migadu logo, brand and name in any way that deceives the end user. You may not present yourself as Migadu or in any way in which misinforms the user. affiliated with Migadu does not give you right to represent us. For example, Migadu does not have a Facebook page. You are not allowed to open and maintain one for us.

We May Change The Terms

Even though we have no such intentions, we keep all the rights to modify the rules of the affiliate program, or to individualize them for the given partner and conditions. Let's find what works best for both of us.