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About Migadu

The real email lovers.

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Rohnen 587 CH-9414 Schachen

Behind Migadu stands a small bootstrapped Swiss company with great ambitions for the world of email.

We are dropouts from large eCommerce and fin-tech businesses, with experience in building great products.

Thanks to amazing initial customers, we've been profitable shortly after founding. We have not taken any outside capital nor plan to ever do. We keep our focus only on providing best service possible. Our responsibility, dedication and loyalty is solely towards our customers.

We do not seek to make the cover pages of magazines. You belong there instead. And so is this page not really about us, but rather about you and your projects. We'll help you communicate better.

Why Is Email Hot Again?

Email is the glue of the Internet. It is our identity online, whether we communicate, create or shop. It is the mother of all social networks.

As such, it is of very high personal and business value. In the era of walled gardens, it's openness and decentralization never mattered as much as it does today. No other communication comes close to its simplicity, universality, effectiveness and reliability. Best of all, it is not owned by anyone, which makes it truly everyone's. We love it.

Being invented in 1972, it is already 5 decades old, yet going stronger than ever.

Desperate For Innovation

Even though we are raving fans of email, we observe a lack of attention to newly developed communication needs. Why aren't we seeing better solutions but only prettier old interfaces?

  • Most users rent or borrow their identity from providers without understanding the implications of not owning their online identity. They fall into a lock-in trap voluntarily.
  • Spam volume is continuously growing along with value-less newsletters. Spam filters are as much a solution as is a nail to a screw hole.
  • One cannot publicly expose an email address without rendering it unusable due to spam bots. If we have to hide our email addresses, we lose the most useful feature of email, direct communication.
  • User's privacy is still an unaddressed issue. Messages are mostly passed around unencrypted and unsecured.
  • Large files, photos, passwords are still being passed around via email.
  • Businesses are drowning in overflowing inboxes. Too much time is being used for organizing useless communications.

Blame The Big Ones

We believe large email providers are to blame. They have no reason to innovate on their cash cows but only defend their monopolistic position.

They depersonalize and automate services and focus only on their selfish business numbers rather than individuals and their growth. Working in the industry beforehand, we know this firsthand. "If a customer leaves, another one will come. A customer is anyway just a record in marketing databases."

As customers ourselves, we cannot stand to be treated that way anymore. Hence Migadu.

Pricing Absurdity

Google Apps, launched in 2006, still keeps its original pricing after a whole decade. Believe us, we hold nothing against their product. We've used it previously. It works. Many large companies are happy with it.

However, we are not interested in large companies. They have money to waste and can buy anything. What about startups, small businesses, professionals, families? In the 10 years since Google Apps came to be, storage costs have dropped sixtyfold, while Google's price remained the same.

All email providers we know out there still keep the same pricing model that probably did not make sense even two decades ago when the infrastructure costs were forbiddingly high, something that is not true anymore nowadays.

Priced per mailbox, Google Apps completely ignores actual email usage. How can someone sending only a message or two a day, with only few Megabytes of storage requirement, pay the same price as an organization sending thousands of messages a day. The storage requirements of the latter are often in tens of Gigabytes.

Finally, why pay per email address, when those addresses are not much different than a folder on your local computer. Would you ever pay for a computer priced per folder? Nonsense.

Now, consider also the fact that Google Apps price is the same globally. Let's be frank, USD $10 does not represent the same value in United States as in Zimbabwe, where the GDP per capita is about 80 times lower than that of the United States.

Why shouldn't businesses worldwide have an affordable, professional mean of communicating? Why don't they deserve the same attention, help and support as those in developed countries? How can we expect them to grow and participate in global markets with a communication cost as high as several employees?

We are doing something about it.

Our Mission

Migadu is email hosting built and operated by humans, for all creative humans worldwide. We are rethinking email communication for this century, one step at a time.

Don't be evil is ok. Do good is a bit harder.